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Specializing in Truck, Trailer and Heavy Equipment Pressure Washing
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Ace pressure washing banner Heavy equipment cleaning also

Pressure Washing Heavy Equipment & Trucks

High-pressure cleaning solutions for construction and heavy equipment    

Keeping your equipment clean can be very beneficial to the owner. Because clean equipment lasts longer and looks better, pressure washing protects your investment by removing dust, mud, dirt, clay, grease and grime from heavy equipment faster and deeper than any other cleaning methods.

There are also a lot of benefits for cleaning heavy equipment, Mechanics can see what needs to be repaired a lot faster, employees are much happier operating the equipment, Engines run cooler when they are clean and when radiators and components are free of dirt and dust. This also applies to pressure washing trucks, and tractor trailers, remember your truck and trailer is a rolling billboard on wheels, another advantage for pressure washing trucks and heavy equipment.

Before and After

Here are some examples of the work and quality that we do here at Ace Pressure Washing.

Click on any image for a larger view

Before heavy equipment cleaningHydraulics before pressure washing


 After heavy equipment cleaning After


 Pressure washing truck  Before 


 After pressure washing  After


Pressure washing blue truck  Before


 After pressure washing  After


Trucks pressure washing finished

         Trucks After Pressure Washing

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