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no pressure roof cleaning job
Yeah – a no pressure roof cleaning job with biodegradable solutions will clean this gunk off.

7 Out of 10 Homeowners Repair or Replace their Roofs Too Soon. Our No Pressure Roof Cleaning Services restore your roof’s asthetic like new and keeps your roof clean from unwanted streaks of moss, algae and years of grime

Can you pressure wash a roof?

Not for most homes, and you should not pressure wash softer materials that can bend, are made of wood, or have paint on it. I’d strongly suggest you get a pair of eyes to look at the material your roof is made out. Homes made of metal roofs can withstand the pressure, but anything that is power washing roof shingles out of your warrenty is a bad idea. Most homes in Minnesota use roof shingles and while some use cedar shake roof shingles, pressure washing in PSIs more than 500 PSI is like having a tornado nearby. You really don’t want to add years of weather and wear when external cleaning your roof should extend the life of your roof.

Average Roof Cleaning Costs

For a Cleaning Contractor, the average Roof Cleaning Costs range between $500 to $3000. If the roof is a flat or low pitch, then the roof is easier and safer to work on. But when the roof is too steep or is multi-story, then the roof job will need to cost more to offset the risks of the roof cleaner from getting hurt.

In Minnesota, we interviewed 10 of the best roof cleaning companies in Minneapolis which included roofing companies too. For a house with a reasonable roof angle of less than 20 degrees, we saw that the average roof cleaning cost was just over $1000 for a 1 floor home and $2500 for a two story home. The cleaning contractors all stated that one story jobs can be done with a single person, but two people are needed for roof clean jobs for higher and riskier jobs.

Why Pressure Washing Roof Shingles Is A Bad Idea?

We do No pressure Roof Cleaning because many other fly-by-night roof cleaners assume that pressure can be done for every exterior job. When you apply pressures more than 500 PSI on a roof, it erodes away the material and voids warranties on your roof. You’re actively weathering and adding extreme wear and tear.

A 500 PSI+ pressure put out by roof pressure cleaning equipment is the same force as a tropical storm or a mild tornado. Most Roof Contractors come door knocking after a pretty bad storm – and once they see that a roof pressure wash was done, they’ll let you know that your job was improperly done and that your roof might need to be repaired (which will cost $3000) or be replaced (cost around $20000). Just don’t do any form of high pressure washing on your roof.

Metal Roof Cleaning Method

Metal Roof Cleaning services are able to be the sole exception. With a sturdy set of equipment to do pressure washing. It is ok for pressure washers to clean shed, farm, barn, and other roofs made from steel. These metal roof cleaners can apply much higher force (at least 2000 PSI) and there won’t weathering and ill effects. The blend of soaps and surfantants will need to be changed as they may interact with the roof during the exterior roof cleaning job. This is why pressure here is the only exception you should know about.

What Roof Cleaning Tools Do You Use?

Every Job requires a certain set of roof cleaning tools. The most common set would include ladders to get on the roof, tarps to protect any delicate landscaping from any excess splash off, a no pressure roof cleaning engine to spray our effective roof cleaning chemical far enough without risking falls, and the right hoses and nozzel attachments for roof cleaning jobs to apply and rinse the roof cleaning “shampoo” off. Certain jobs require different blends of chemicals, different machines to different flows of water, and all of this requires work safe clothing that can grip wet and soapy roof tops.

Looking for Roof Cleaning Equipment For Sale?

People trying to DIY can purchase all of the equipment needed to perform the job at your local home depot or Lowes. When purchasing used roof cleaning equipment for sale, make sure you tested the equipment. Most roof cleaning equipment costs the same as a job, but its the blend of cleaning solutions and surfactants with the roof cleaner’s expertise that keeps the roof clean and keeps away organics from living on the roof.

When is the best time of year to remove Moss from Roof?
Annually is the ideal suggestion. With moss and algae eating away and getting under roof shingles destroying the roof you paid tens of thousands for, if your home has had any black streaks on the roof shingles that you notice as unsightly, it is likely an algae called gloeocapsa. It’s an algae that origninated in the south and can be hardy enough to survive rough weather. Gloeocapsa can be found as black streaks and is generally not a fun thing to have as it spreads and destroys roof shingles as it grows underneigh the shingles and displaces causing leaks in extreme cases.

Why Ace does Affordable Cleaning Roof Services

My parents in law had a home they’ve never exterior cleaned in the 20 years they lived in Minnesota and they got an appraisal for their house via an online service. It was below market value in a seller’s market, and they weren’t told that doing an external house cleaning can be a wise short term investment.

When I took care of their driveway, sidewalks, concrete staircase, exterior walls, roof, and backyard patio and sidewalks… they were astonished.

It was like owned a house they just purchased. The next time they apprised the house, they got a number five figures higher than their original appraisal.

If you need a quote, give us a contact on the form and we’ll help you get one within moments (we use Google Street view).